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MSBS Breaking News!

Santa Cancels Christmas!

Santa has decided not to make his annual trip around the globe delivering toys to all the good boys and girls (and coal to the not so good!) this year.

We talked to Santa recently, and he explained why:

MSBS News: Santa, why have you decided not to participate in Christmas this year?

Santa: Well, as you know, the world is in the middle of a pandemic with various restrictions in place around the world. Masks are required, making it virtually impossible for me to communicate with my reindeer. Rudolph’s light is on, but it’s not very bright, if you catch my drift. I have to constantly shout out directions to him to keep him on track!

The reindeer also absolutely refuse to wear masks, and even though there is no evidence of direct transmission to and from animals and humans, we decided it was best not to take a chance—after all, the virus did originate in a bat in China. And then there are all these ridiculous travel restrictions! Sheesh, I don’t have time to get tested and/or quarantine every time I cross a border—I have to do this in one night! So those are the main reasons.

MSBS News: You said those are the main reasons? Are there any other reasons, Trump’s border policies perhaps?

Santa: Well, we’ve been having problems getting stuff to make toys. Contrary to popular belief we don’t make everything at the North Pole, we rely heavily on slave, er low-cost labor, to produce most of the items we ship. Shipping has slowed down, it takes longer to get what we need. As far as Trump’s border policies, we’ve had no problems, we got the “star” on our sleigh that authorizes us to cross borders freely. Frankly, I think border control is a good idea, especially with a pandemic going on—if it’s as serious as they say it is.  Based on some of the statistics I’ve seen I have my doubts, but we’re taking precautions regardless.

And then there’s the usual elves strike that we go through every year—but we got through that okay.

MSBS News: Donald Trump: Naughty or Nice?

Santa: Nice

MSBS News: What about Joe Biden?

Santa: Naughty.

MSBS News: Finally, Boxers or Briefs?

Santa: Thongs.

MSBS News: Thank you Santa.  Coming up after the break—Was there election fraud in 2020 or is this yet another lie by Trump to justify his declaring martial law and remaining in power indefinitely? Why has Trump still not denounced White Power and Supremacists groups? Is this all part of his plan to seize power back from duly elected Joe Biden? Find out after the break. This is MSBS News.

If you use the Kindle App on your Nook and are having problems with your display dimming only when you use that app, then here is the solution to that problem!

The display brightness for the Kindle App is located in the Aa menu drop-down. Tapping the Aa icon in the menu located at the top right of the screen will bring up  a list where you can change the font size and other settings--one of those being screen brightness! At the very top is a slider control, but if you just want it to be the same brightness setting that you use when reading Nook books then just check the box "Use system settings" . That's it, done! Now switching between reading a Nook book and a Kindle book won't change your brightness settings!

I recently had a problem with my computer that drove me crazy for quite a while because it was intermittent at first. My computer was randomly shutting down/restarting. This would happen a few times then it would be ok. No viruses were found and the computer was fine when it didn't have this problem. Finally, it failed completely--no boot at all. The fans came on at maximum speed, but there was no display on the monitor. Powering off and cleaning the filters, which were already clean, had no effect, neither did dusting off the video card. I removed the video card and reseated it, then I powered the computer back up. It still didn't boot, but I now got a message on the monitor--I had forgotten to plug in the power cables to the video card. Powered down, and plugged in the power cables firmly. I then powered up the computer and everything worked! It continues to work! Lesson learned, make sure that when you are bundling your video card power cables that you do it in such a way that there is no stress that could gradually pull the cable loose. That was my problem, the way it was bundled was creating a pulling force which gradually loosened the connection, causing it to be intermittent at first, then finally, (over a period of weeks!) loosening enough to "fail" completely.

UPDATE:  While it appeared that these steps fixed the problem, the problem came back! The computer was shutting down after about 45 minutes of on time, consistently. The power supply was replaced, under warranty, and that finally solved the problem! So the above were all symptoms of a failing power supply.

There are many things that can cause a computer to slow down over time. If you have an older computer that still uses mechanical drives (versus solid state drives) you may need to defragment your drive. Solid state drives do not require defragmentation--in fact, it is recommended that you never defragment them.  You may also have a lot of "garbage" files clogging up your system--temporary, cache, or log files can generally be deleted. There are free programs out there that will do this for you quickly and easily. One of the best free programs is CCleaner (Crap Cleaner). If none of this helps, then check your Power Profile settings.

Windows 10 has "power profiles" that will reduce the speed of your computer, and its performance, when it decides that you don't need to be running at full speed. As an example, my 3.5gHz processor was running at 800 mHz because of this setting! My Power Plan was set to "Power Saver", how it got set there is anybody's guess, but I suspect that Microsoft automatically set it there during one of their many updates. After I changed it to High Performance my system was running at full speed again, and performance improved dramatically during directory accesses and file transfers.  A simple setting, but it can cause a big drop in performance--check it first!

(Note: This tip was written for Windows 10, but may be applicable to other operating systems as well.)

What A 2-Year Old Can Teach You about Sales

If there's anyone who knows how to get what they want with a fairly high success rate--it's a 2-year old! So what can a 2-year old teach you about sales?


You'll often get your desired result just by "being loud" --make sure your message is heard often, and by people who are in a position to take the action you desire them to take.  Whether it's changing your diaper, or buying your product--make sure you're heard!

2) If you want a cookie, ask for it!

If you want the sale--ask for it!

3) Threaten to throw a tantrum if you don't get your way!

Okay, so not exactly that! But do make them fear the consequences of their inaction. Limited time offer, special bonuses for quick action, and so on.

4) Don't bite other people, they may bite you back!

Be polite--even if you don't get the sale.

5} Sometimes you have to share to get what you want.

If you know someone who might benefit from your prospect's products or services--share, it will help you build your relationship with them.

6) Play often, but make sure you get enough naps.

Take time to enjoy life outside of work, and be sure to get enough sleep. You can't sell if you're tired and depressed.

7) If you know the person's name--use it!

2-year olds, and babies, know that calling specifically for "mommy" or "daddy" is more effective than bawling their heads off. Know the person you are dealing with.  Are they the "decision-maker" or not? It makes more sense to "bawl" at the decision-maker, than their underling.

8) If you have to do something you don't like to do--find a way to make it fun--bring your toys!

Doing paperwork is boring, listening to music makes it more tolerable.

9) You have to put up with some pain, or inconveniences, before you can get the lollipop--but it's worth it!

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