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What A 2-Year Old Can Teach You about Sales

If there's anyone who knows how to get what they want with a fairly high success rate--it's a 2-year old! So what can a 2-year old teach you about sales?


You'll often get your desired result just by "being loud" --make sure your message is heard often, and by people who are in a position to take the action you desire them to take.  Whether it's changing your diaper, or buying your product--make sure you're heard!

2) If you want a cookie, ask for it!

If you want the sale--ask for it!

3) Threaten to throw a tantrum if you don't get your way!

Okay, so not exactly that! But do make them fear the consequences of their inaction. Limited time offer, special bonuses for quick action, and so on.

4) Don't bite other people, they may bite you back!

Be polite--even if you don't get the sale.

5} Sometimes you have to share to get what you want.

If you know someone who might benefit from your prospect's products or services--share, it will help you build your relationship with them.

6) Play often, but make sure you get enough naps.

Take time to enjoy life outside of work, and be sure to get enough sleep. You can't sell if you're tired and depressed.

7) If you know the person's name--use it!

2-year olds, and babies, know that calling specifically for "mommy" or "daddy" is more effective than bawling their heads off. Know the person you are dealing with.  Are they the "decision-maker" or not? It makes more sense to "bawl" at the decision-maker, than their underling.

8) If you have to do something you don't like to do--find a way to make it fun--bring your toys!

Doing paperwork is boring, listening to music makes it more tolerable.

9) You have to put up with some pain, or inconveniences, before you can get the lollipop--but it's worth it!

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