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Harry didn't understand it, it made absolutely no sense. One day he was relaxing peacefully in his cabin by the lake without a care in the world, the next he was halfway around the world with no clue how he got there, or why. All he knew was he felt a sharp smack on the back of his skull, and then nothing until he woke up. Harry didn't do drugs, wasn't a gambler, and had no enemies--at least none that he knew of. So, why? Harry didn't know for sure, but he had his suspicions.



This section of the blog is for anyone who would like to try their hand at writing. I will start the story off, then leave an "opening" where others, or myself, can add to the story. The idea is to keep the story going "forever" by always leaving room for someone else to add to the story. The following illustrates the process for those not familiar with "never-ending" stories.


As an example:

Once upon a time, there was...

the next writer would add to it (as an example):

a little girl who had magical powers. She could... :

the next writer would describe one or more of her powers, and then leave another "opening" so that the story can continue.

If it looks like the story is "ended"-- no one is participating any longer--a new thread will be started, and a new story will begin.


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